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Box People

Champions for Diversity & Inclusion

As it did for countless aspects, the pandemic created differentiated challenges for different groups of employees – impacting on their gender, age group or marital status. It even amplified the clear need for swift and greater progress from society and businesses.

In the wake of major social changes over the last two years, our people could not miss the call to giving their own contribution, and genuinely expressed the will to foster a new, bottom-up Diversity and Inclusion strategy, creating an international D&I squad.

We have many steps further to make, and our progress requires improvement for where we want to be. Both our people and our leadership teams are committed to this path, every day.

“A modern manager must create the necessary humus for each diversity to make its best contribution”.

Lorella Ragni, Global R&D PLCM Executive Director 

“I strongly believe diversity is essential to stimulate human creativity, so being inclusive is key to generate sustainable innovation”.

Davide Del Vecchio, Global Procurement Executive Director

"Diversity, equity, and inclusion have much broader meanings than most people assume. I want to find merit in each of these concepts and share a commitment to fostering them in the workplace".

Alla Dolgopolova, Executive Assistant (D&I Champion)