Quality policy

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Quality Policy

Angelini Pharma is committed to guarantee safe and effective products as well as excellent services, with the objective to ensure maximum satisfaction of our Customers and Stakeholders in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

All activities for marketed products related to research and development, business development, manufacturing in our plants and qualified suppliers, manufacturer of medical devices, marketing, distribution, logistics, post-market assistance and vigilance, are inspired by the Quality Policy consisting of the following principles:

Angelini Pharma is committed to understand and satisfy Customers' expectations, in compliance with market requirements, territorial legislations in the countries where Angelini Pharma operates, and all parties involved in its business processes.

Angelini Pharma identifies its main processes and is committed to constantly improve them through the following parameters:

  • Objectives definition and results monitoring and control;
  • Responsibilities and resource definition;
  • Risk identification, evaluation and mitigation;
  • Opportunity definition.

Angelini Pharma is committed to have an effective Quality System, ensuring all required resources are available and planned objectives are aligned with context and strategic direction of the company.

Angelini Pharma is committed to share its Quality Policy with all employees and Stakeholders and to regularly review it in alignment with purposes and context in which Angelini Pharma develops, produces and distributes its products.

Angelini Pharma considers employees and Stakeholders involvement as a primary strategic factor. To achieve this objective, Angelini Pharma implements training programs for all its employees in order to develop and increase their skills.

At the same time, Angelini Pharma relentlessly underlines to all employees the importance and value of quality in everybody’s work, asking to stay focused on identifying any area of improvement related to work performance while still being inspired by proactivity, accountability and engagement.

Angelini Pharma collaborates with suppliers, customers and other interested parties in order to continuously improve the quality of its products and services.

Angelini Pharma has the objective to continuously improve the performance of its Quality System following these objectives:

  • Maximum safety for patients and users;
  • Full compliance to quality standards in all sectors and markets in which the company operates, starting from research and development phase;
  • Progressive reduction of defects for products manufactured in its own factories and by suppliers;
  • Increase of customer satisfaction through a continuous reduction of complaints and an increasingly efficient service;
  • Implementation of quality improvement plans and risk reduction programs related to critical business processes;
  • Systematic reduction of non-quality costs.

These objectives and their related results are periodically reviewed in order to ensure their relevance and compatibility with context and strategic interests of the company.

Quality Policy