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The wonders of the brain: an intricate masterpiece

The brain is the most complex and mysterious organ that exists. 100 billion neurons and an incalculable number of connections. Minimal electrical currents and about 50 chemicals. These are the tools with which the entire body works and oversees: it processes signals that arrive from the outside, it stores and governs memories, it allows us to reason. It is our conductor and, from above, it guides the harmonies of our lives.

The importance of Brain Health: care for the mind, care for the self

Taking care of our brain means taking care of our entire person. Because it really is true: it's all in the head. Emotions, memories, decisions, actions.

This is precisely why Angelini Pharma chose to work and commit to Brain Health. Because it is aware that working in the field of psychiatric and neurological diseases is the real health challenge of today and tomorrow.

Central nervous system disorders, understood as both psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, other dementias and epilepsy, are already the leading cause of loss of life years through premature death and disability (17.4%) in high-income countries. Regarding epilepsy, every year, in Italy alone, an estimated 500,000 patients suffer from epilepsy, with around 30,000 new cases every year.

For over 50 years, Angelini Pharma has been committed to improving the management and quality of life of patients with mental health problems and, more recently, those with neurological disorders. It does all this by seeking new solutions and investing in research, offering products with proven efficacy, disseminating clear and correct information that can dispel false myths and investing in projects that can combat the prejudices and taboos that still weigh upon those suffering from these illnesses.

Projects such as HEADWAY, which started at the end of 2017 in partnership with the European House-Ambrosetti, aims to design a new roadmap for Brain Health and provide a comprehensive overview of this issue in Europe, focusing on social as well as economic dimensions.

Strong and innovative ideas such as Lampi, a short film presented by Angelini Pharma aimed at raising awareness of brain health and the stigma that still surrounds patients suffering from it.

Or the website, which was set up with the aim of providing accurate and correct information on these diseases, in the certainty that circulating the right information is the first weapon we have to combat prejudice.

Angelini Pharma's commitment is renewed every day. One project and one step at a time, without going backwards. Towards the only possible goal. Standing by those who suffer, leaving no one behind.


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  1. Published: 26 Jul 2022

    Discovering our brain

    The human brain: the most important and complex organ in our body. A perfect mechanism in which 100 trillion neurons intertwine and tangle like skeins, connecting to each other and allowing the entire organism to function.