People 1030

In Angelini Pharma we work every day to grow together and to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies supporting the community. This is made concretely possible thanks to the contribution of each individual in the company, their skills and their passion. At Angelini Pharma People are driven by the common goal of bringing real improvements to the health and quality of life of patients worldwide.   

Our company is built on the value of over 3.000 people, present in 20 countries around the world: a large and constantly growing reality, shaped by the uniqueness of each person and their strong willingness to work together, sharing far-sighted objectives.

We are aware that the integrity, success, and innovative capacity of the company are strongly linked to the ability to enhance the talents of each individual. Therefore, we work every day to create a flexible and multicultural work environment that ensures real inclusion and enables people to express their human and professional potential.

With confidence and courage, one step at a time, we implement and disseminate innovative solutions for the benefit of health and the evolution of the healthcare sector.


Our Leadership team

  1. Jacopo Andreose

    Pharma CEO