Angelini is a modern group, attentive to changes in the market and projected into the future, but always proud of the values that are at the basis of its corporate philosophy.

Transparency of the interactions between the pharmaceutical industries and Healthcare Professionals and Organizations is one of the key Angelini company values.

Angelini Headquarter is associated to Farmindustria (Italian Association of Pharmaceutical Companies), member of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), and therefore all its affiliates are compliant with the EFPIA HCP/HCO Disclosure Code*.

The EFPIA HCP/HCO Disclosure Code requires that pharmaceutical industries have to publish all the Transfer of Value made, directly or indirectly, in favour of Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and Organizations (HCO) as well as R&D data (R&D).

The collaboration between pharmaceutical industries and Healthcare Professional and Organizations includes different type of activities:

  1. research and Development of new drug through clinical studies in hospitals, universities as well as in public and private healthcare institutions,
  2. scientific consultancies,
  3. congresses and scientific conferences, which offer information and scientific updates,
  4. support to conferences and CME courses (Continuing Medical Education) organized by public institutions, universities, scientific societies, and accredited CME provider.

Consequently, within June of each year Angelini will publish all the Transfer of Value towards HCP, HCO and R&D made in the previous year Data have been published individually only if the HCP has signed the consent to treat and publish his data. In case the HCP has not signed this consent, data have been published in aggregated, according to EFPIA schedule 2 template.

For other details, please refer to the methodological notes of each country which can be found by selecting each Angelini country from the list.

*Disclosure Code EFPIA