Independent Research (IIT/RIS)

Ap23 G 1440 Research

As part of Angelini Pharma's commitment to improve patients health and quality of life, we believe in the value of supporting independent clinical (Investigator Initiated Trials) and non-clinical research (Research Initiated Studies) by providing either funding and/or investigational product.

Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT) and Research Initiated Studies (RIS) are conducted by qualified third-party Sponsors as Investigators, Institutions or Healthcare Organisations independently from Angelini Pharma. Such studies might play a key role in generating new hypotheses, addressing important data gaps, and answering important medical and scientific questions, from both a clinical and preclinical perspective.

  • The clinical Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT) are independent clinical research programs of paramount importance in the advancement of the knowledge on diseases and their treatments to address unmet medical needs for patients.
  • The non-clinical Research Initiated Studies (RIS) are independent research conducted in animals and/or in vitro, to evaluate the effects, properties or profile of different compounds as well as to advance basic research in specific diseases.

We welcome independent research from qualified investigators and we invite to submit IIT or RIS proposals, by clicking on the link of interest here below.