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Headway is an initiative on Brain Health (incl. Mental Health and Epilepsy) conceived and launched in 2017 by the Think Tank The European House - Ambrosetti in partnership with Angelini Pharma, with the aim of creating a multidisciplinary platform for strategic reflection, analysis, dialogue and comparison between various European experiences in the management of individuals with mental and neurological disorders. The initiative keeps the trajectory and works in continuity and coherence with programs, activities and strategies of Governments and International Organizations (such as the WHO) and scientific societies / patient associations advocacy groups (among others, Gamian Europe, EUFAMI, ILAE, IBE and Epilepsy Alliance Europe), as well as of European Institutions, with the objective of contributing to reducing the burden of Mental Health disorders and Epilepsy in Europe.

The initiative aims at sharing knowledge and know-how to prevent, diagnose, manage, and find solutions for people with mental disorders and Epilepsy not only in the healthcare sector, but also in workplaces, schools and society in general. 

Angelini Pharma, in the framework of its commitment to Brain Health and its growing leadership in the neurosciences field, with this project aspires to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the critical issues/specificities related to Mental Health and Epilepsy among policy makers, media and the general public, outlining the current scenario in Europe and elaborate reflections on the impacts of mental disorders and Epilepsy with a particular focus on health and quality of life;
  • Create benchmarks to compare policies and action plans developed and implemented across Europe;
  • Formulate policy recommendations to promote good health for people with mental disorders Epilepsy;
  • Stimulate debate among relevant stakeholders (including policy makers, institutions, patient and caregiver associations, clinicians, health economists, etc.);
  • Communicate and disseminate the results of the initiative and its proposals for action and raise awareness on Brain Health at European level.