Stay Aware!

AP Stayaware 1440X500
  • Published: 18 Mar 2021

In 2020, billions of people faced a global pandemic for the first time in their lives, without having any experience or preparation for it.

In this year everyone had to find new emotional, mental and physical resources. Angelini Pharma also wanted to do its part. As part of The Great Uncertainty, we have tried to support Angelini workers through a series of initiatives and multimedia content directed to them through the Stay Aware project.

Among the contents proposed there were also surveys that investigated the emotional state and difficulties of Angelini colleagues in many European Countries, in full pandemic. The results of the surveys inspired the following cartoon and video animation, elaborated by the magic of the Italian School of Comix, through which Angelini Pharma wants to celebrate its Workers. Difficult times are said to create strong people. So let's really try to come out better.


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