Angelini Pharma launches “LA GRANDE INCERTEZZA”, a podcast devoted to the psychological challenges of this epochal period

Posdcast Incertezza
  • Published: 10 Apr 2020

“La grande incertezza” (The Great Uncertainty) is also a multi-channel communication campaign that uses various communication languages to address colleagues, general practitioners and hospital workers, and the public".

Rome, 10 April - “It’s a quarter past seven. Now I’m going to get up, take a shower and go to the bar below the house, where I'll find lots of other people. [...] Then everything changed. I couldn’t say when exactly. Like everyone, I’m living in a strange suspended time.” These are the opening words of “La grande incertezza” (The Great Uncertainty), the podcast created by Angelini Pharma to discuss the psychological challenges, stresses, disorders, neuroses and crises that many of us are experiencing during this period of isolation, as well as to understand what we can learn from this epochal experience, both as individuals and collectively.

The podcast is narrated by Ivan Carozzi, a writer and author of TV programmes who retraces the steps of a world that has suddenly changed and weaves its story “set between the kitchen and bedroom” with that of other people. It is a collective story split into four episodes that cover experiences shared by many people: from losing your sense of time to alternating between different moods and struggling to maintain the creative and active side of life. The podcast also explores the exposure to illness and death that doctors face every day, as well as fears and uncertainty about the future. Experts and professionals offer possible solutions and ideas to cope with this period as well as possible.

“Angelini has a long history of research in the field of mental health. This enabled us to understand that, alongside the fundamental demand for hygiene, there was another requirement that had not yet been fully expressed, namely for structured assistance to deal with a period of constraints, isolation and frustration. Together with the crisis committee, we therefore agreed on the importance of promoting initiatives to support people at this epochal time by using new communication languages and thus reaching out to our colleagues, general practitioners and hospital workers, and indeed every citizen.”

Agnese Cattaneo, Chief Medical Officer at Angelini Pharma

Every episode of “La Grande Incertezza” features extraordinary testimonies from ordinary people, experts and professionals. Starting from the first episode, which includes contributions from Matilde, a gallery owner and curator in her thirties, who lives alone in a 25 sq m apartment, Irene, the partner of a paramedic and mother of two teenage children – “two energy bombs confined at home” –, and well-known figures such as the writer Giulia Blasi, who explains what it means to be currently, at this particular moment, faced with a blank page. These testimonies are interpreted by mental health professionals thanks to a partnership with the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at the Tor Vergata University of Rome. The four episodes, which are around 30 minutes long, will be available on the main podcast platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Spreaker, Castbox and Google Podcast.

“La Grande Incertezza” is also an internal communication initiative for Angelini Pharma’s employees: video bites, newsletters and in-depth information that enable staff to stay up-to-date, focused, curious and connected. While staying positive. There is also a counselling service for general practitioners and hospital workers in the Lazio, Tuscany and Marche regions.

“La Grande Incertezza” was produced in collaboration with: DOING, Part of Capgemini, which created the podcast; Ethos, an agency that specializes in scientific communication; the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at the Tor Vergata University of Rome; the Department of Psychiatry at the Sapienza University. The initiative is supported by Cittadinanzattiva, with which Angelini Pharma has promoted the campaign entitled “In Equilibrio: storie di vita e percorsi nella salute mentale” (In Balance: life stories and journeys in mental health).

Angelini Holding, the business group that controls Angelini Pharma, Fater, Famecannica, AngeliniBeauty and Bertani Domains, will promote a virtual desk offering psychological support to all employees, in partnership with the Sapienza University’s Department of Psychiatry.

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