When I grow up

AP22 1030 Growup (1)

In which way did Angelini Pharma become part of the life of its people? From what they dreamed to do to what they do now, let’s get to know the Angeliners in a new format: ‘When I Grow Up’, a series of short video interviews through which they will explain how they came to work in the pharmaceutical world and what’s their role inside the company.

Juan Arbelaez, Maintenance & Engineering Lead at Angelini Pharma:

Juan in this interview tells us about his career, which began as a mechanical engineer and continued in the pharmaceutical industry to become Maintenance & Engineering Lead. Being part of a very closed team and the challenging projects that he has to coordinate every day are some of the things he really loves about his job.

Rosita Molinario, Clinical Study Manager at Angelini Pharma:

Rosita joined the Global Medical Department of Angelini Pharma after working in a hospital laboratory of Clinical Pathology and Biochemistry. As Clinical Study Manager, she is responsible for managing and oversighting clinical trials on drugs, clinical investigations on medical devices and clinical tests on cosmetics in order to ensuring product efficacy and safety. In this interview, she explains what this role exactly means and why she is so passionate about it.

Danilo D’Amico, Formulation Development Senior Scientist at Angelini Pharma:

Danilo talks about his passion for the research in the pharmaceutical field and how it matched his role in Angelini Pharma. His job is to find the most stable, effective and safest formulation for a pharmaceutical product. Teamwork and the personal gratification when a product he has worked on is brought to the market are some of the things he really loves about his job.

Claudia Blass, International Communications Specialist at Angelini Pharma: 

Claudia talks about her unexpected carrier in the field of corporate communications and how she fell in love with it. Her role in Angelini Pharma is basically to stick together the different demands of each country with the Global initiatives. Every country needs a custom communication strategy and finding the right one is what she really likes about her job.  

Elisa Quarchioni, Senior Statistician at Angelini Pharma:

Elisa talks about her expectations after the Statistics University studies and her meeting with a multinational company, where she today fills a cross-disciplinary role. Her role inside the company is to mainly support the colleagues in drafting the studies protocol, planning the statistic methodology and supporting the team in interpretation of the results.