Psychiatry Innovation Summit

AP Psy2021 1030X302



As the demands on mental health services grow, so will the availability of digital technologies. But how many of these technologies have been appropriately researched and validated by trained psychiatrists?

Digital health technologies offer the potential of enhancing traditional care. Smartphones, social media, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality present new opportunities for "digital phenotyping" and remote intervention. They are already changing mental health care in unforeseen and exciting ways, with an early but promising evidence base.

In this field the most pressing challenges and opportunities are towards clinical validation and real-world implementation, and there is a gap that needs to be closed to allow digital tools to really improve the real clinical practice.

Psychiatrists are needed to ensure that the technologies are evidence-based and are used to augment clinical care, and that future studies are robustly designed to aid future clinical decision-making.

ln this context, in 2019 Angelini Pharma organised the first Psychiatry Innovation Summit with leading experts, discussions, presentations, and highly interactive workshops. Since then, the world has changed significantly and new tools, perspectives, expertise, and vision are needed.

The Psychiatry Innovation Summit 2021 is now about to start, bringing together especially selected delegates from leading European institutions: together this network will collaborate, innovate, and create a new future.

Digital has taken over many aspects of our lives, especially in the last 20 months and, in parallel, there are rising demands in mental health services because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, can we use digital tools to address this growing unmet need? Yes!
We should apply these digital advances in precision mental health to routine real-world clinical practice and that’s what the second Psychiatry Innovation Summit 2021 will address.

A selected network of European psychiatrists will gather in Rome, Italy for 2 days and:

  • foster innovation in digital mental health research
  • share recent advances and evidence-based practices in precision psychiatry
  • create a network committed to driving best practices

Who knows what the future of mental health management will hold?

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