World Mental Health Day: Angelini Pharma keeps promoting European awareness on mental health

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  • Published: 10 Oct 2023

Every year, on October 10th, World Mental Health Day provides a great opportunity to increase awareness on mental health issues and underline the necessity of addressing these challenges on a global scale. Angelini Pharma, as a pharmaceutical company deeply committed to mental health, actively contributes to this cause also through multidisciplinary initiatives like Headway.  

Headway – A new roadmap in Mental Health, a collaborative effort by Angelini Pharma and the Italian think tank The European House – Ambrosetti, seeks to stimulate strategic reflection, analysis, dialogue, and comparison of European experiences in the management and treatment of mental health disorders. 

The full updated edition of the Headway - Mental Health Index 3.0 will be presented at the European Parliament on October 25, 2023. This index encompasses 54 key performance indicators related to EU-27 and the UK and focuses on three macro-areas: the determinants of mental health, the mental health status of a population and the responsiveness of national health systems to people’s needs relating to healthcare, workplaces, schools, and society in general. 

A preview of the entire report is available in the op-ed by Jacopo Andreose, CEO of Angelini Pharma, on EURACTIV, where he anticipates some findings from the Headway Report relating to mental health in the workplace and schools. Namely, 20% of children experience mental health problems during school years, while mental health issues affect up to 20% of the working-age population, leading to reduced productivity and presenteeism.  

On World Mental Health Day, it is crucial to recognize the essential role of all stakeholders in the healthcare community across Europe and the European Union itself in raising awareness and providing tangible solutions to enhance mental health. The EU's comprehensive approach to mental health, as demonstrated in events like the European Commission’s World Mental Health Day conference, underscores the prioritization of sound mental health for all. This collective commitment aims to nurture a mentally healthy society and significantly improve the lives of individuals facing mental health disorders.