Mental Health Week: the Initiatives of Angelini Pharma

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  • Published: 5 Oct 2021

A week dedicated to raising awareness, analyzing the effects of the pandemic on public mental health, and building a space for debate. These are the main objectives of the initiatives organized by Angelini Pharma on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, our Mental Health Week.

There will be events, exchanges of views and testimonials to spotlight the importance of mental health involving patients, clinicians and civil society, as well as journalists and writers.

A cycle of events starting on October 6th and closing on October 11th, to celebrate, once again, Angelini Pharma's commitment in the area of Brain Health.


Calendar of events:

Wednesday October 6th at 3.00 pm CEST


A spin-off of the Ma sei fuori project organized last year by Angelini Pharma, the event is intended as a moment of "synthesis", but at the same time of dissemination and consolidation of the entire path covered in two years of work, again with the central theme regarding the stigmatizing of those suffering from psychiatric disease. During the event, live from La Cucina Theater, the words to be changed and the numbers referring to those suffering from mental fragility will be treated as central themes. As far as words are concerned, attention will be drawn to the importance of using non-stigmatizing language; as regards the numbers, the importance of ensuring access to treatment for all those who need it will be discussed.

The event will be streamed live on Fondazione The Bridge Facebook page.


Thursday October 7th at 9.30 am CEST


The European House - Ambrosetti, in collaboration with Angelini Pharma, has developed a detailed analysis ("Headway2023 - Mental Health Index") to investigate mental health from multiple aspects and focus on the impact of the pandemic in the 27 EU countries and the United Kingdom. This analysis was conducted with an approach not only focused on the clinical-health aspect but also extended to the context of society, school and work, cornerstones for ensuring the implementation of programs for the maintenance of mental health, understood as a fundamental part of every individual’s well-being.

The results will be presented on October 7th at 9:30 am in Brussels and streamed live on .


Sunday October 10th at 10.30 am CEST


On World Mental Health Day, Angelini Pharma in collaboration with Piano B and Tlon, is organizing the event "Headway 2023 - Cosa ci dice il cervello?", to raise awareness on the issue of mental health by emphasizing the difficulties related to mental disorders throughout social life, from school to the world of work and adulthood.

Among the guests: Maura Gancitano (Tlon), Daniela Bianco (The European House - Ambrosetti), Agnese Cattaneo (Chief Medical Officer of Angelini Pharma), Jonathan Bazzi (writer), Irene Facheris (writer, activist, trainer), Marina Pierri (writer, journalist), Fabio Geda (writer and educator).

The event will be streamed live at 10:30 am on Angelini Pharma Facebook and Twitter channels and on the website.​​​​​​​ ​​