International Women's Day

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  • Published: 8 Mar 2021

Success also depends on diversity

We are celebrating International Women's Day today, the annual opportunity to reflect on the progress achieved and call for greater gender equality changes.

There is still much to be done, but gender equality pathways are accelerating and companies are increasingly conscious and active with initiatives in this direction. At Angelini Pharma, we are working on a global Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) policy to outline specific local and international paths and to further affirm our vision of diversity as a driver of innovation and great social and professional value. We believe that listening to our people creates an opportunity to encompass different perspectives and to appreciate everyone's contributions, not only promoting inclusion, but also nourishing our ability to be an innovative company. We consider it essential that every person in our company can have enough confidence to speak up, feel part of a community and share their ideas.

Angelini Pharma is celebrating this special day giving its people a moment of encounter and reflection. The Company organized a webinar on women's empowerment and gender equality with a focus on the Diversity & Inclusion policies implemented in our company, both at Global and Country level.

Each of us can choose to challenge prejudice and fight inequality. Everyone can choose to celebrate women's achievements and together we can improve the level of inclusiveness establishing real gender equity in our corporate environment.