From Doing Digital to Being Digital

Godigital 1030
  • Published: 15 Jun 2022

The last few turbulent years have accelerated organizations’ digital transformation and Angelini Pharma has embraced this change to become a Digital First company. Events linked to the Covid-19 pandemic have dramatically impacted our lives and changed the way we interact with others, leading us to replace physical contact with digital and remote communication.

Shopping activities have also shifted from physical to online channels, with growth in e-commerce and home delivery services.

This situation has also impacted Angelini Pharma, its production processes and the way it promotes its products, highlighting the need for a cultural transformation towards digitalization.

Faced with these new challenges, Angelini Pharma has made its “Go Digital” corporate strategic pillar a driver to accelerate business growth and expansion.

In particular, Angelini Pharma has promoted a number of projects aimed at transforming and the interaction with physicians, pharmacies, patients, consumers and other key stakeholders.

With regard to pharmacies, the company has created – with the aim of strengthening its leadership position and relationship with pharmacists – Angelini Pharma PLUS+, a phygital platform that offers pharmacists a wide range of services ranging from continuous training on company’s products and therapeutic areas to real-time monitoring of orders or shipments.

With regard to customer engagement, the company has launched D.A.M.A. - Digital Angelini Pharma Marketing Automation, a program for developing and delivering personalized communications based on customers’ changing needs; and Angelini ID, a single portal providing access to all of company’s online services for physicians, pharmacists, and consumers.

One of most notable internal projects is D.N.A. - Digital Now Angelini Pharma, a project designed to concretely promote digital culture among employees, and Go Green, an initiative to contribute to environmental sustainability through the digitization of daily work activities, paving the way to a paperless future.

The heart of Angelini Pharma’s online solutions for patients, physicians and caregivers is Harmonia Mentis, a Digital Hub for Brain Health, which offers high-level services and content while, more recently, the company has begun to address the major topic of Artificial Intelligence, one of the most impactful trends in healthcare.

In particular, Angelini Pharma’s goal is to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence to address the needs of patients with epilepsy and their caregivers, as well as to support physicians in choosing the best treatment for each patient.

In this context, the company has developed what may prove to be one of most innovative and valuable online services: OntozApp, a chatbot “powered by Artificial Intelligence” that will offer specialists timely information on available treatments for epilepsy, dosages, drug interactions, and much more.

All these projects position Angelini Pharma as a “Digital First Company” and actively promote the shift “From Doing Digital to Being Digital”.