At Angelini Pharma we are transforming for the digital age

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  • Published: 2 Sep 2019

With healthcare policies, medical guidelines and not surprisingly prescriptions increasingly under scrutiny from both Health Authorities and budget holders, the goals for healthcare professional communications are rapidly changing.

New objectives, new customers, new norms call for innovative collaboration tools and exchange platforms with Healthcare professionals.

At the same time, the digital revolution has created opportunities to capture effectiveness and efficiency gains across the board in companies operating in disparate sectors. Such revolution has proved it can deliver superior customer experience, greater business focus, successful complexity management, differentiated service & solution packages and just as importantly an ecosystem of connected channels.

In other words, “what pharma wants and what pharma needs are changing” and Angelini is no exception ramping up for its new digital strategy.

Within such context, I am glad to announce the creation of a new function in my team named Global Digital Medicines.

For such critical role, I have appointed Fabrizio Caranci who joins Angelini in September.

He comes with a wealth of experience in Digital Transformation and Customer Engagement after having covered important global and local positions in leading Multinational Companies.

I trust he will make a positive impact accelerating our digital transformation.

Pierluigi Antonelli – Angelini Pharma CEO