Angelini Pharma: Production increase with no price increase


Price gouging strongly condemned

With the spread of the news regarding the novel coronavirus, in recent weeks, Angelini Pharma has seen increased demand for hygiene products from many people, especially for hand and surface disinfecting. Awareness of the emergence of the spreading virus has led to increased demand for Amuchina, which the Company is committed to meeting by increasing production capacity, as well as by reorganising its industrial activities in order to focus mainly on the production of disinfectants. More specifically, Angelini Pharma has increased production at its Ancona plant and has focused the Casella factory on the production of disinfectants, outsourcing production of detergents.

Angelini Pharma wishes to take this opportunity to specify that the price of all Amuchina brand products remains unchanged to its direct channels and has not changed at all in the coronavirus pre-epidemic period. The Company is absolutely not involved in any price gouging observed by consumers or noted by the media and strongly condemns such practices, confirming that it is constantly striving to ensure that the product goes only to licensed suppliers.

It has already happened in the past, during other epidemics—such as SARS in the 2000s and the cholera epidemic in Southern Italy in the 1980s—that the greater awareness of citizens leads to a greater demand for hygiene products.
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