Angelini Pharma and CHILI together to raise awareness on Mental Health and neurological disorders

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  • Published: 11 Oct 2022

On World Mental Health Day 2022, with the goal of raising awareness around mental health disorders, Angelini Pharma announces its partnership with the on-demand streaming platform CHILI.

CHILI is among the rising stars of on-demand streaming distribution, accounting for 5.9M users worldwide - including Italythe UK, Poland, Germany and Austria.

Together with CHILI, the company is promoting a branded room that offers an angle on mental health awareness through 50 films exploring mental health issues. Moreover, the branded room includes some owned awareness content, e.g., Angelini Pharma's Manifesto on Brain Health and the short movie Lampi, both launched earlier this year.

In Italy, the partnership lasts from October to December 2022, making available to users a selection of about 50 films, offering a comprehensive overview on how various filmmakers have approached the topic of mental health. In other CHILI markets, the branded room is hosting Lampi, which addresses the isolation and stigma of those living with special conditions and the issues they face at work and in relationships. The protagonist is Viola, a trainer who retired from competition after an accident of hers. Her body emits lightnings, a trait she does not control and causes her emotional suffering. An encounter will rekindle her hope.

"We are very pleased to collaborate with a major platform like CHILI, allowing us to focus attention on mental health through one of the most powerful means of our time, cinema" says Daniela Poggio, Global Communications Executive Director of Angelini Pharma. "The films available on CHILI really are able to portray the condition of people with mental disorders, so that raising awareness on their pathologies and fostering correct information on the burden of disease the carry with themselves."

Embracing Brain Health, Angelini Pharma commits every day to reduce the burden of neurological disorders, while aiming to restore and protect mental health and cognitive function. The company is driven by the pursuit to shift the treatment paradigm and shape the patient journey in a positive way for all stakeholders including patients, physicians, payors, healthcare providers and society.