Central Nervous System

Epilepsy 1030

One of the most common brain conditions is epilepsy, which affects over 70 million people worldwide.

Epilepsy has numerous neurobiological, cognitive, and psychosocial consequences. In many parts of the world, the disease is stigmatised.

One-third of patients remain refractory to medical treatments. Due to persisting seizures, patients experience increased morbidity and mortality, reduced employment opportunities, social stigma, and reduced quality of life. Hence, the development of new therapeutic options is strongly warranted.

In 2021, Angelini Pharma strengthened its positioning in the Central Nervous System area with the acquisition of Arvelle Therapeutics.

Angelini Pharma wants to do its part towards seizures control with a new drug for the treatment of partial-onset seizures in adult patients: another step to get closer to a normal life for patients.