Angelini Pharma and Amuchina launch the #FaLaScuolaGiusta campaign

TW Marco Cattaneo
  • Published: 30 Sep 2020

A cartoon, a squad of 6 TikTokers and one important goal: to help children and teenagers through the delicate moment of the return to school, not only by encouraging them to disinfect their hands but also to become accustomed to a whole series of good habits, like washing hands, wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance and greeting each other in new ways.

Angelini Pharma and Amuchina launch #FaLaScuolaGiusta, an institutional communication project aimed at raising awareness in children, teenagers, parents and teachers on how to ensure correct hygiene, both in terms of looking after themselves and in acting in a socially responsible manner. The campaign will be available on the website as well as on Angelini Pharma’s social channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. And on TikTok, thanks to a squad of six TikTokers.

Right from the start of the pandemic, we began experimenting with new language and new communication channelsDaniela Poggio, Global Communications Head of Angelini Pharma declares. “Today, we accompany the supply of Amuchina Xgerm at schools by the Angelini Group with the#FaLaScuolaGiusta campaign, where we tell of the events involving the Monelli family, grappling with “new normality”, described from Tommaso’s point of view, talking to children and teenagers about the new rules to be respected, both at and outside school. Rules that on TikTok then become choreographies”.

The story of the Monelli family is told and illustrated by Marco Cattaneo, journalist for Sky Sport, presenter of Disney programs and author of various children's books. Teaching tables are available to teachers and parents for download or printing out, to tell children all about the new rules in place at school in a fun, light-hearted manner.

On TikTok, Swami Caputo, Noa Plans, Fabio Farati, Le Twins, Matteo Andreini and Marchetto will re-propose in the typical mood of their performances, good hygiene habits to be noted by children and teenagers.

#FaLaScuolaGiusta is developed together with the creative media agency specialized in the target GenZ ZooCom.


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