#ByMyEpilepSide: Angelini Pharma’s global communication campaign to raise awareness on epilepsy

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  • Published: 14 Feb 2022

On the occasion of International Epilepsy Day 2022, Angelini Pharma reaffirms its commitment to stay close to people with epilepsy launching its first global disease awareness and communications campaign: #ByMyEpilepside. With its claim, the campaign recalls the dualism that affects people with epilepsy, both physically and mentally, when they experience a seizure and unveil another side of themselves.

At the same time, the campaign is a call-to-action to stand by the side of people who suffer from epilepsy. A closeness that passes primarily through the knowledge of the symptoms of the disease and the best ways to treat them.

One-third of patients, in fact, remain refractory to medical treatments for epilepsy. Due to persisting seizures, patients experience increased morbidity and mortality, reduced employment opportunities, social stigma, and reduced quality of life. Hence, the development of new therapeutic options is strongly warranted and correct information is necessary to overcome stigma and the fear that the lack of understanding of epilepsy may generate in patients.

#ByMyEpilepSide will be online on Angelini Pharma's global social channels (Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter) from February 14th to March 26th, i.e. Purple Day, a day of awareness on epilepsy called by the International Bureau of Epilepsy.