Angelini Pharma joins EAN Congress 2024 to champion neurological excellence and epilepsy care

AP24 G 1030 EAN
  • Published: 26 Jun 2024

Angelini Pharma is proud to announce its participation in the European Academy of Neurology Congress 2024 (EAN), representing Europe’s largest forum for Neurology.

The annual event will take place between 29th June and 2nd July at the Massukeskus building in Helsinki, Finland, the Congress aims to ensure excellence in Neurology through the delivery of a high-quality scientific programme of speakers — serving“900,000,000 brains - 45,000 members - 47 countries - one community!”

In its 10th year, the overarching theme of this year’s Congress is Neuromodulation: Advances and opportunities in neurological diseases. Angelini Pharma’s commitment entails three key areas: the sponsorship of a scientific symposium, a booth and the attendance of over 60 company delegates.

Programmed for Sunday 30th June, the symposium will respond to the abstract: The fine line between under treatment and over treatment in uncontrolled epilepsy. Chaired by Jukka Peltola Professor, Chief Physician (Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology at Tampere University; Department of Neurology, Tampere University Hospital, Tampere, Finland), Angelini Pharma invites  Magdalena Bosak MD PhD (Faculty of Medicine at Jagiellonian University; Department of Neurology at Jagiellonian University Hospital, Kraków, Poland) to speak on over treatment and the missed opportunities for reducing the treatment burden and Angel Aledo-Serrano MD PhD (Associate Professor at Francisco de Vitoria University; Synaptia Epilepsy Center and Vithas University Hospital, Madrid, Spain) to speak on under treatment and the missed opportunities for reducing the seizure burden.

Presenting an overview of the clinical management of epilepsy, together Jukka Peltola, Angel Aledo-Serrano and Magdalena Bosak will enter into a panel discussion on its negative impacts when under- or over-treated. From the risk of injury and/or fatality associated with under treatment to the incidence of both side effects and uncontrolled seizures associated with over treatment, the panelists will call upon their combined expertise within academia and clinical practice to interrogate the more practical aspects of epilepsy management. Among others, early and effective treatment, treatment amendment and polytherapy will be discussed, as well as underrepresented social factors, such as time poorness and complacency amongst physicians and fear of side effects amongst patients and their families.

Reinforcing its own research and development operation, Angelini Pharma’s participation in the EAN Congress is a recognition of the vital importance of collaboration amongst best-in-class academic institutions and centres of global importance, as well as the sharing of information across the scientific and medical community. Leveraging the assembly of key opinion leaders, government officials and policymakers in Finland’s Southern capital, in parallel with the EAN Congress the Headway: A new roadmap for Brain Health - Focus Epilepsy event will be held on 1st July at a separate venue in Helsinki.

Organised in partnership with Angelini Pharma, the Headway - Focus Epilepsy event will showcase local and global synergies amongst actors involved in the implementation of IGAP (Intersectoral Global Action Plan on epilepsy & other neurological disorders) on a national level — with Donna Walsh (CEO of International Bureau of Epilepsy) and Reetta Kalvianinen MD PhD (Professor and Chair of Neurology, University of Eastern Finland; Director of Kuopio Epilepsy Center, Kuopio University Hospital, Kuopio, Finland) amongst those invited to speak. Targeting challenges specific to the Nordic region, speakers will address the current barriers of discrimination and stigma, exploring the relationship between rights and laws, the role of occupational healthcare and employers, and the viable solutions in terms of re-organization of working hours and tasks. The event will also call to action for policymakers to implement integrated strategies that aim to reshape societal perceptions.

Angelini Pharma’s participation in EAN2024 and the Headway - Focus Epilepsy event represent concrete gestures of its steadfast commitment to neurological excellence within the field of Brain Health. Placing particular emphasis on patient wellbeing, quality of life and the real-world impacts of disease management, Angelini Pharma acts to bolster the EAN’s mission of providing better epilepsy care and outcomes for all.