Angelini Pharma counts its steps in the #50MILLIONSTEPS for Epilepsy challenge promoted by IBE

#50MILLIONSTEPS for Epilepsy | Angelini Pharma
  • Published: 18 Jan 2024

We are once again taking a stand against stigma, or rather… a step!

In the weeks leading up to International Epilepsy Day on February 12th, Angelini Pharma is reaffirming its commitment to combating the stigma associated with epilepsy. The company, once again this year, is actively participating in the global #50MILLIONSTEPS initiative organized by the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) a non-profit international organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of those who suffer from this illness.


#50MILLIONSTEPS for 50 million people

According to the World Health Organization, the number of people worldwide suffering from epilepsy exceeds 50 million, with half of them experiencing discrimination. From denied workplace promotions to school bullying due to seizures, the stigma surrounding the illness can significantly impact the quality of life and social inclusion of those affected.

This is why the #50MILLIONSTEPS initiative was created. By walking together and dedicating one step for each person suffering from epilepsy, the goal is to raise awareness about this challenging disease and amplify the voices of those affected.

To further expand the scope of the initiative, this year IBE developed a sport-to-steps converter. Thanks to this tool, participants can contribute to the count not only through walking but also by engaging in different sports.


Our challange: overtaking last year record

This marks the second consecutive year that Angelini Pharma embarks in the challenge launched by IBE. Having already participated, this year's goal is even more ambitious: surpass our previous contribution of 7,320,009 steps.

To achieve this, we encouraged our colleagues to log their daily step count to a specifically created virtual pedometer on our intranet. Additionally, employees are invited to record short videos while walking or engaging in sports activities. These videos will be compiled to create a supportive manifesto for those affected by epilepsy.

But that’s not all! Angelini Pharma leaders have recorded videos in which they join the campaign by taking steps toward a stigma-free world. Watch them now!

Erik Lommerde, International Chief Operations Officer of Angelini Pharma, joins the #50MILLIONSTEPS for Epilepsy campaign.


Rafal Kaminski, Chief Scientific Officer of Angelini Pharma, joins the #50MILLIONSTEPS for Epilepsy campaign.

Rosita Calabrese, Italy Country Manager of Angelini Pharma, joins the #50MILLIONSTEPS for Epilepsy campaign.