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About R&D

Our research experience

Angelini Pharma has more than 50 years of expertise in research and development, from the discovery of new molecules up to the preclinical and clinical development of new pharmaceutical products, working at our labs as well as in collaboration with leading scientists worldwide.

Our innovation

The Global Research & Development (R&D) is a modern, agile team with focus on future therapies, and highly committed to innovation and sustainability to support building up the Company's portfolio in the short, medium, and long term.

Our R&D organization have more than 50 years’ experience in contributing to innovation with scientific research, pre-clinical, and clinical development of pharmaceutical products, adhering to tight quality control and ethical standards, and working at our labs as well as in collaboration with leading scientists worldwide.

R&D has full access to skill set and expertise required for the integrated Drug Discovery & Development programs, from the identification of new bioactive compounds using computational & medicinal chemistry techniques and pharmacology, to chemical scale-up and analytical development, bioanalysis and pharmacokinetics, formulation, and clinical development, including pharmacovigilance.

The R&D Projects include the development of innovative therapeutics in the core therapeutic areas, the life cycle management of existing products, and the development of new non-pharma products.

Our pipeline

The Angelini Pharma R&D strongly believes that scientific networking and collaboration are essential to innovation and has created a specific research and innovation model based on the sustainable Pipeline concept, where the projects can stem from either internal activities or from leading public and private research institutions.

Innovation is achieved through a dynamic scientific network aimed at cooperation and partnerships, also in the context of national and international funded programs. To this end, the R&D team is dedicated to identify high-profile research groups to establish public-private partnerships cooperating on internal research and on innovative products in the early stages of development.

Therapeutic areas

In the areas of therapeutic interventions, products are not limited to small molecules, and research and development is also open to advanced therapeutic modalities. The areas are linked to the wider concept of patient care, from the fundamental research on molecular appropriate targets relevant to certain diseases up to non-pharmacological interventions and medical devices, aimed to improve patients care and to better tailor the therapeutic approach to their needs.

In particular, Angelini Pharma is committed to pediatric healthcare, ranging from newborns to adolescents with large differences between developmental stages. To this end, our R&D is dedicated to the development of new drug formulations according to the patients age, growth stages, physiological condition, and treatment specific needs, with customised forms and strengths as well as routes of administration and acceptability. Moreover, our researchers build and strengthen scientific networks and cooperations with a broad spectrum of professionals, institutions, research networks, and working groups, among which the INCIPIT network of Italian paediatric centres and the ECNP on child and adolescent psychiatry, to develop and deliver cutting-edge methodologies and treatments.

Brain Health 

Angelini Pharma is committed in contributing to strengthen the scientific knowhow in the brain health area as well as in fighting against the social stigma still often linked to mental illness and to epilepsy.

In the field of epilepsy, the Global R&D is currently engaged in several preclinical and clinical activities to support our new antiseizure drug cenobamate, and is undertaking drug discovery efforts by looking at the modulation of key targets involved in the diseased-network for the development of new therapeutic treatments.

Mental disability, and particularly mood disorders, is a field where the Company has achieved its greatest success and recognition worldwide.

The introduction of trazodone for the treatment of major depression, during the '70s in Europe and in the USA in 1981, was a milestone in the history of the treatment of mood disorders. Even now, the R&D is running clinical research program on the long-term efficacy of trazodone to reinforce the drug as a modern ally in the treatment of mood disorders, and is working to find solutions that may improve the lives of pediatric patients and their caregivers, investing energy in researching on neurodevelopmental disorders and on fighting the consequences negatively impacting patients’ lives. Moreover, our R&D team is generating real world evidence data with lurasidone to highlight the efficacy and safety of the product in clinical practice.

Pain & Inflammation 

The R&D has a long tradition in pain and inflammation with an extensive portfolio consisting of some of the most known and important drugs in this therapeutic field, among which benzydamine where activities are undergoing for the preventative/therapeutic approach of Oral mucositis (OM).

Consumer Healthcare

The R&D is constantly working to identify and develop innovative disinfectant, biocide products, and medical devices, and to support our portfolio products with scientific research and life-cycle management activities.

  1. Published: 14 Dec 2022

    How is a drug born?

    From the discovery of the Molecule to placement on the market, it’s a long journey which goes through four different stages, the first and most fascinating is the research. Let’s see how a drug borns.