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22/07/2011| Infasil: the new acquisition of the Angelini Group

Angelini enriches its portfolio of products with the acquisition of Infasil, a brand synonymous of efficacy and safety, leader in Italy in the deodorants and private hygiene sectors.
The Infasil brand was sold to Acraf by Procter & Gamble, already a partner of Angelini in the Fater joint venture, and the agreements made require that from October 2011 Angelini take over the management of the Infasil brand for all relative business processes and logistics.
Infasil is characterized by its excellent performance on the Italian market: the turnover in 2010 is of about 50 million Euros, with a market share of around 10% and with a very high rate of brand awareness among the public (98 %).
The acquisition of Infasil helps to strengthen Angelini’s position in the field of personal hygiene, especially intimate hygiene. Actually, Angelini has been present for many years in the field of intimate wellbeing with the brand Tantum Rosa, an anti-inflammatory drug with disinfectant properties.
Infasil will help the development of synergies in the area of intimate hygiene thanks to the power of brand stretch towards new specialist lines for pharmacies. Moreover, Angelini’s expertise in the pediatrics area will help develop the brand even in the field of baby-care, consistent with the origins and etymology of the Infasil brand. The pharmaceutical know-how applied in dermatology will create greater added value for Infasil also in the field of deodorants and body detergents.
Another important opportunity for development is related to the distribution strategy: for now Infasil is present almost exclusively in the mass market. While this on the one hand provides additional opportunity for Angelini to grow in this channel, already staffed with products such as Amuchina, FarmaMed, Tantum ProActive and Body Spring, on the other, it is clear that the company's strong presence in the pharmaceutical channel will make it possible to rapidly penetrate the market also thanks to the development of a line of products for pharmacies.
In the future it is possible that the Infasil line be also marketed abroad. Angelini, as a matter of fact, has strong expertise in the field of gynecology in all the countries where it is present, and this makes it potentially possible to expand the Infasil line internationally.

The Infasil line of products:
Infasil is a complete line of products for personal hygiene, all clinically tested and thus particularly suited to meet the needs of the whole family.
A wide range of effective and safe deodorants, personal hygiene products, shower gel and bath foam, are designed to gently cleanse even the most sensitive skin since they contain non-aggressive cleansing substances that maintain the skin's natural pH.

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