Angelini Pharma Inc. (USA)

Angelini  Pharma is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of infection-control and chronic wound care products.

The main therapeutic areas are:

  • Dialysis
  • Wound Care
  • Medical devices
ExSept Plus Skin, Exit Site and Wound Cleanser
Alcavis 50 High Level Disintectant
See Luer CVC High Level Disinfectant
BioPad Equine Collagen Wound Dressing
Aluvis UV Sanitizing System
Maky Dialyzer Reprocessing System
Peracidin Dialyzer Reprocessing Concentrate
Assist Dialyzer Header Cleaner
Alcavis Bleach-Wipe Surface Disinfectant  
Aniosgel 85 NPC Antiseptic Hand Gel
Manugel 85 Antiseptic Hand Gel

The mission of Angelini in USA is to offer innovative products, services and procedures to promote infection control, antisepsis and disinfection.

In order to keep this commitment, Angelini  Pharma invests substantially in research of all its product lines.  This enables  to anticipate marketing and quality needs and provide practical and  innovative answers for the dialysis and wound care community.

Angelini Pharma occupies the 3th position in the United States for Infection Control in the Dialysis Market Segment. The company employs 40 people.