Angelini Farmacêutica (Portugal)

Angelini Farmacêutica is located in Algés, near Lisbon, and supplies a wide range of products for the pharmaceutical sector: prescription and OTC drugs, cosmetics and food supplements are some of the product categories marketed nationwide.

The main therapeutic areas of Angelini Farmacêutica in the ethical pharmaceuticals sector are: CNS, gynecology, ophthalmology, pain and inflammations.

In the CNS area, Angelini is on the market with the antidepressant Triticum (trazodone). In this area Angelini has demonstrated its constant striving towards innovation and specializacion, through the introduction of new formulations of Triticum, like Triticum AC and Triticum OD. 

The main brands in the field of gynecology are the antibiotic Unidrox and the food supplement Prevecist indicated for the prevention of urinary infections.

In the treatment of pain and inflammations, the most important brand is AdalgurN (Paracetamol - Tiocolquicosido), a drug for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

Angelini own some of the leading brands in the oral care market, including the Tantum line (an anti-inflammatory drug based on benzydamine).

Triticum - Acutil CNS
Unidrox - Prevecist Gynecology
AdalgurN Pain/Inflammation
Tantum Cold and Flu
Barral Dermocosmetic

In the specific area of deep skin hydration, Barral, a Portuguese brand with over 170 years of existence, continues to hold a prominent position in Angelini portfolio, where it ranks first in terms of sales.
Also in dermocosmetics field, Angelini is present with the Anjelif line. 

In the supplements sector,  Angelini is present with the brands Optimus, Magnésio OK, Magnésio B and two types of Selenium which possess an antioxidant protective effect against cellular aging and degenerative diseases.

The begining of 2016 was marked by important news for Angelini Portugal. The acquisition of 5 new products: Venex, Lepicortinolo, Dyazide, Cervoxan e Cim. These products came from the company Decomed and are very important in different therapeutic areas, especially in the venotropic field. This contract means an important opportunity for Angelini Portugal to increase its portfolio.

In 2018, Angelini's product portfolio was extended with the introduction of two new lip care references, belonging to Barral Derma Protect brand. In addition, at the end of the year, TantumGrip, an anti-flu solution with an innovative intake method, was introduced into the Portuguese market.

The market share of Angelini Farmacêutica varies across markets.
In the market for ethical products, Angelini has a market share of 1,5% (23th position in the national ranking). In the OTC/Supplements market, Angelini has a market share of 3.5% (6th position in the national ranking). In dermocosmetics, the market share is 1,6% (16th position).

Angelini Farmacêutica employs 130 people (66 sales representatives). The turnover is about 45 M€ (2018).