Angelini Pharma Bulgaria

Angelini Pharma Bulgaria markets its products (prescription and OTC drugs, medical devices, food supplements) to major national wholesalers who distribute them to pharmacies and hospitals.

The main therapeutic areas of Angelini pharma Bulgaria are: CNSrespiratory, gynaecology, orthopedicsrheumatology, dermatologyHIV, HCV, HBV and oncology.

The main brands are: Viread, leader in HBV market; Truvada, leader in HIV market; Harvoni, leader in HCV market; Acutil, market leader in the other stimulants market, Polinail, market leader in the onychomycosis market, Piascledine, market leader in the ortho muscolo-skeletal market, Macmiror, market leader in the gynecological anti-infectives market, Monural, market leader in the urinary anti-infective markets, Rosalgin, market leader in the gynecological market. Trittico, market leader in volume in CNS market, Tantum Verde and Erdomed one of the top leaders in the relevant markets.


Erectus, Flexodon C, Hyalgan, Hyalone, Hymovis, Piascledine Orthopedics/Rheumatology
Acutil Cognitive health
Aulin, Neuritogen, Trosicam Pain/Inflammation
Feminella Hereditum, Feminella Hyalosoft, Feminella Vagi C, Feminella Uroforte, Macmiror, Rosalgin, Monural Gynaecology
Micetal, Polinail Dermatology
Bionect Wound healing
Trittico, Trittico XR CNS
Glimbax, Tantum Verde Oral care and Sore throat
Erdomed, Fluimucil Expectorants
Truvada, Viread HIV
Harvoni, Sovaldi HCV
Viread HBV
Aloxi, Iclusig, Vellofent Oncology


In 2007 Angelini acquired CSC Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical group active in Central and Eastern Europe, of which Angelini Pharma Bulgaria  (ex CSC Pharmaceuticals LTD Bulgaria) was part.
After the acquisition by the Angelini Group, the transfer process has started and Angelini Pharma Bulgaria became fully operative in 2011, when full portfolio and activities were transferred  to the new trading company.
The acquisition of CSC pharmaceuticals by Angelini leads new products in the company's portfolio and an increase in sales.

The company employs 70 people. Today Angelini Pharma Bulgaria is among the first 15 companies on the Bulgarian market  with a turnover of more than 15 M€ (2016).