Angelini Foundation

Angelini is fully aware that the duty of a pharmaceutical company is not only to research, produce and make available drugs and products necessary for people’s health and welfare, but also to work alongside various social players to increase and improve the quality of life for everyone, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

The Angelini Foundation set up due to the will of Francesco Angelini, President of the homonym group leader in the health and wellbeing sectors. Its main purpose is to contribute and increase the persons’ happiness through the establishment of a multidimensional wellbeing. In this framework the Angelini Foundation’s mission is to play an active role in the society helping transversally the weakest categories such as young children and the elderly by contributing and improving social areas such as hospitals, schools, universities, and companies simultaneously.

The activities of the Foundation aim at researching and finding out those elements and relationships which may contribute to increase wellbeing in all forms and in parallel it has also invested in solid educational projects and training activities for future generations. The Angelini Foundation strongly believes that nowadays only research and education are the engines of a happier and people oriented future.

Since 2014, Angelini Foundation promotes La Scuola Angelini  - Imparare fa bene (The Angelini School – learning is good), a project in collaboration with CONI and sponsored by the Italian Society of Pediatrics. The project promotes the Hospital Schools with the aim of contributing the growth and training of hospitalized children.