Angelini’s licensing network

Angelini’s licensing network

Angelini’s licensing network

Angelini products are commercialised worldwide thanks to licensing out and export agreements with more than 40 partners.

The two key products of Angelini's research are the topical anti-inflammatory benzydamine and the anti-depressant trazodone.

Several other products are present in many markets in Europe and the Middle and Far East.


Our development portfolio

The development opportunities we offer include the products derived from the principal results of our research and others developed during recent activities.

Product Active principle Use Formulations
Tantum Verde® benzydamine oropharyngeal pain and inflammation mouthwash, oropharyngeal spray, lozenges
Tantum Rosa® benzydamine gynaecological pain and inflammation ready to use gynaecological solution, granules for gynaecological solution for external use
Trittico® trazodone depression accompanied by insomnia and/or anxiety immediate-release tablets, prolonged-release tablets and extended-release tablets (Contramid)
Importal® lactitol constipation granules for oral solution
Verolax® glycerol constipation micro-enema for rectal solution
Tachipirina® paracetamol fever and pain tablets, granules for oral solution, syrup, oral solution in drops
Unidrox® prulifloxacin antibiotic therapy tablets
Acutil® vitamins B6, phosphoserine, glutammine, aspargine food supplement for periods of mental fatigue and difficulty concentrating capsule
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