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Press Kit

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Angelini is an international group leader in Healthcare and Well-being. Its effort is helping patients, physicians and caregivers in the fight against diseases. Angelini gives constant and foremost attention to the areas of Pain and Inflammation and Mental Health.

Founded in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, Angelini operates directly in 15 countries employing more than  2.700 people. Its products are marketed in about 70 countries even through strategic alliances with leading international pharmaceutical groups.

Angelini is an integrated pharmaceutical company with extensive and well-recognised Research and Development programmes, in addition to world-class production facilities and international marketing activities of key compounds and leading drugs in many sectors. Strategic partnerships with international companies complete and expand the geographical areas where Angelini operates.

In Italy and abroad, Angelini has a strong historical experience in the Consumer Health segment. 

Angelini S.p.a.
Viale Amelia 70, 00181 Roma
P.IVA 01258691003 e C.F. Numero di iscrizione registro imprese: 03907010585
Ufficio del registro delle imprese: Roma
Capitale: € 165.000.000 I.V.

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