Psychiatry Innovation Summit - Caring for Mental Health in a Digital World. Digital goes live at Angelini Pharma

The first Psychiatry Innovation Summit, organized by Angelini, took place on 4-6 December 2019 in Milan. The Summit brought together young and motivated psychiatrists from across Europe who are interested in digital developments and innovations in mental health.

Digital innovation has entered many realms of societal living, including medicine. Nowadays, digital health occupies a central role in policy, commercial, and clinical visions of the future of healthcare.

In this context, the meeting was focused on specific topics:

  • The digital/social environment in which patients and doctors operate today, and its impact on psychopathology and treatment approaches in mental health

  • New forms of communication to connect and engage with patients in the ever-evolving digital environment

  • Evidence-based digital tools to manage patients with mental health disorders

During the meeting, there have been plenary presentations and practical workshops moderated by a distinguished faculty.

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