Pain and Inflammation

Pain and Inflammation

Angelini's commitment

Pain is a serious, physically debilitating condition that represents an enormous public health problem. It affects productivity, mood, social life and daily activities, can cause insomnia and is often accompanied by emotional distress, anxiety and depression. Moreover, it negatively impacts the well-being of family members. 

Angelini has a long tradition of research in pain and inflammation. Its R&D is focused not only on the identification of new active principles, but also on the study of known substances to improve their clinical efficacy and positively impact patient outcomes. 

The development of novel formulations with increased efficacy and a better safety profile, also addressing patient compliance and convenience, is part of our continuous effort through excellence and concrete results. 

Angelini has a holistic approach that goes beyond the pill: our mission is to improve patient management, taking the whole person into consideration, with his/her physical, emotional and mental aspects. Therefore, solutions are not limited to pain control, but are directed to preserve dignity, relational abilities and full social integration. 

Pain & Inflammation Disorders Key Facts

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