Consumer Health

Consumer Health

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Self-medication is being increasingly integrated into healthcare. Consequently, the breadth of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines' is highly competitive, but despite the limited number of active ingredients on the market, there is a large opportunity for innovation, represented by the possibility to improve drug formulations, dosages and usage.

Angelini is investing in research for the development of new formulas to cure minor ailments and get approval for more active ingredients for OTC drugs.
As a result, Angelini’s OTC medicine portfolio is highly diversified and includes several new products targeting a wide range of patient groups, such as children, adults, women and older people.

The benefits of using OTC over prescription drugs include easy accessibility, lower costs, convenience and customer-empowering qualities. In turn, these factors contribute to increase adherence to therapy, with a positive impact on disease outcomes, healthcare costs and resource consumption.

Angelini has always recognized and supported the empowerment of patients even in the therapeutic approach of responsible self-medication, in keeping with the fundamental criteria of appropriate drug utilisation.

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