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About Us

Who we are

Angelini Pharma is the pharmaceutical division of Angelini Group. The Group started almost 100 years ago as a small pharmaceutical laboratory, and over the years has grown into a leading international group in healthcare, present in Pharmaceuticals and Mass-Market. 

Angelini Pharma is a leader in healthcare, with particular strength and expertise in the fields of mental health, pain and inflammation and paediatrics. It aims to help patients, physicians and caregivers in the fight against diseases. The company is also a leading player in the Consumer Health segment, with highly successful OTC brands in Italy and abroad. 

Angelini products are marketed in about 70 countries. The company operates directly in 15 countries employing more than 2.700 people, and commercializes its products in more than 50 countries through strategic alliances with leading international pharmaceutical groups.

As part of its internationalisation strategy, Angelini Pharma has also concentrated on development in countries with high growth potential. 

Angelini Pharma reported a turnover of €902.5 million in 2019, about half accounted for by exports. 

Angelini Pharma is an integrated pharmaceutical company, with an extensive R&D operation that has developed important molecules such as trazodone and benzydamine. 
Current research focuses on pain and inflammation, diseases and disorders of the nervous system with a particular commitment to the research of new treatments for the paediatric population. 
The research embraces public-private partnerships with recognised academic institutions and centres of global importance. The Scientific Network and Partnerships both have an important role in creating innovation.

Angelini's “world class” production plants, all based in Italy, use cutting-edge technologies and have full certification for quality standards and respect for the environment. Extensive use is made of renewable energy sources and sustainability in general. 
In Italy, the Ancona plant produces finished pharmaceutical products and the industrial factory in Aprilia cretes pharmaceutical raw materials, while disinfectants and sanitising products under the Amuchina brand are produced in Casella. 

The Angelini Group

Founded in Italy in 1919, today Angelini is a leading international group in healthcare and wellbeing in the field of pharmaceutical and consumer products. A growth-focused investment strategy; the steady commitment in research and development; an in-depth knowledge of markets and business sectors have made Angelini a sound and well-structured group operating in 17 countries with 6,000 employees.

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