Angelini Pharma Magyarország Kft. (Hungary)

Angelini Pharma Magyarország Kft. is a pharmaceutical company located in Budapest, Hungary.

The company markets on the national territory prescription and OTC drugs and medical devices.

The main brands and therapeutic areas are:

Tantum Verde Cold and Flu
Erdomed Cold and Flu
Levopront Cold and Flu
Tantum Protect Cold and Flu
Trittico CNS
Macmiror Complex Gynecology
Tantum Rosa Gynecology
Feminella Gynecology
Mesulid Pain releif/Inflammation
Hyalgan Osteoarthritis
Erectus Osteoarthritis
Hyalone Osteoarthritis
Hymovis Osteoarthritis
Kitonail Onychomycosis

Angelini Pharma employs 24 people and, as a result of the increase of the market shares, the turnover is 5,6M€ (2014).

The most important brand are Tantum Verde and Kitonail.