Angelini pharma in the world

Branches in 17 countries. 


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Angelini licensing network includes partners in over 40 countries.

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Updates and news on the activities of the Angelini group.

The project “Psychè” is set up in order to train the family doctor

The depression affects 7.5 million people namely 12.5% of the population in Italy. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) this illness is the first reason of disability nowadays.


Trazodone was discovered in the Seventies by the Angelini research laboratories, and to this day remains a therapeutic option even today in the treatment of depressive disorders both with or without anxiety.


Benzydamine is a NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) which was discovered in 1964 in Italy by the Angelini research laboratories.

Research and Development

Focus on pain and inflammation, infection and central nervous system (CNS). 

Production plants

The manufacturing plants of the Angelini Group are all located in Italy:  Ancona, Aprilia (LT) and Casella (GE).

Job Center

Working for Angelini means belonging to a strong business community where individual skills, abilities and expertise are valued and nurtured.