Products in Portugal

In Portugal, Angelini Farmacêutica is carrying forward the activities and role of L. Lepori, which Angelini acquired in 1979, and Helsinn, acquired later in 2001. Angelini Farmacêutica is in Algés, near Lisbon.

The main focus in the ethical pharmaceuticals sector is on general medication, neuropsychiatry, ophthalmology, gynaecology and anti-inflammatory therapies. Over the next few years, new advances are anticipated in cancer treatment and antibiotic therapies.
Angelini occupies a leading position in Portugal's over-the-counter (OTC) market thanks to brands like Moment, Momendol and Tantum Verde.
In the mass-market segment, Angelini is present with Amukina, along with skin soothing and regeneration products from the well-established Barral skincare range. The company is also growing rapidly in the area of food supplements.