Hospital use

In the Italian hospital market, characterized by strong competition, Angelini is mainly active in some strategic specialty fields including anaesthesia, analgesia, disinfection and advanced medications.
Due to its skills and experience, to the knowledge of the peculiarities and problems of the hospital sector and to the commitment to offer effective and well-tolerated pharmaceuticals and treatment therapies, Angelini is a preferential partner of specialised physicians.
In this field, Angelini aims at being recognized as the "specialist in pain treatment". To this end, Angelini’s objective is to extend the portfolio of its proprietary pharmaceuticals through the extension of its product line to the narcotic and local anaesthetic market as well as to the market of pharmaceuticals used for the treatment of acute, chronic and postoperative pain.
Angelini is also strongly positioned in the skin disinfection and advanced wound medication markets with highly effective disinfectants, hand-sanitizing gels, medication patches for professional use and gauzes designed to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness of both practitioners and patients; hygiene and cleanliness are essential under hazardous conditions such as those existing in hospitals.
The pharmaceuticals classified as products "for hospital use" should be administered under the strict supervision of health personnel in order to prevent any abuse or misuse.

Fentalim Anaesthetics
Fentatienil Anaesthetics
Bupivacaina Anaesthetics
Lidocaina Anaesthetics
Mepivacaina Anaesthetics
Lidofast Anaesthetics
Amukine Med Disinfectants

Other products for hospital use are classified as “medical and surgical aids”. Although these aids are not medicinal products in a strict sense, they are subject to precise regulation aimed at ensuring their efficacy and quality.

Amuchina Disinfectants
Amuchina MD Disinfectants
Antisapril Disinfectants
Derman Antiseptic detergents
Aldexid Disinfectants
Aciclean Disinfectants for haemodialysis equipment
Renaxid Disinfectants for haemodialysis equipment
Amuchina PD Disinfectants for haemodialysis equipment
Algoplaque Hydrocolloid dressings
Urgosorb Alginate dressings
Urgotul Lipido-colloid dressings
Cellosorb Lipido-colloid dressings
Sanyrene Oils for pressure sore prevention
Urgo Hydrogel Hydrogel dressings