Generics will become increasingly important in the pharmaceutical market due to their function in reducing public health spending. After years of experience in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, Angelini entered the generics market in 2000. The Angelini brand is now a guarantee of safety and quality in this market as well.
Angelini began its activities in the generics market through the alliance with Hexal, which is among the ten leading pharmaceutical companies in Germany.
Later, Angenerico, a new Angelini company which has been operating since 2003, was created; it began to specialize in generics and was built on a deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical market and on the experience acquired in the manufacturing and marketing of quality pharmaceuticals.
Angelini proposes a selected portfolio which includes new active substances offered in the Italian generics market as well as other medicinal products which are well-known and popular for their efficacy and safety. The Angelini pharmaceuticals include both ‘Class A‘, products, which are reimbursed by the Italian National Health Service, and ‘Class C’ drugs, which are paid entirely by the consumer. Angelini offers a complete range of sure and effective pharmaceuticals which comply with the strict corporate standards for quality and safety.
The Angelini generics provide both practitioners and patients with a wide variety of options including cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and mucolytic pharmaceuticals as well as antibacterial and gastrointestinal drugs. The high-tech manufacturing and control systems guarantee maximum quality and safety of the pharmaceuticals. As is the case for all its pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals, Angelini conducts strict controls in each phase of the manufacturing process: from the selection of starting materials and excipients which enter into a composition to the packaging of the end-product. In other words, generics, but with the quality and safety of the Angelini brand.

Acetilcisteina ANGENERICO Mucolytics
Acido acetilsalicilico ANGENERICO Analgesics and antipyretics
Acido acetilsalicilico + Vitamina C ANGENERICO Analgesics and antipyretics
Acido Ursodesossicolico ANGENERICO Preparations for biliary tract therapy
Ambroxolo ANGENERICO Mucolytics
Amlodipina ANGENERICO Anti hypertensives
Amoxicillina ANGENERICO Antibacterials
Atenololo ANGENERICO Beta-blockers
Bacampicillina ANGENERICO Antibacterials
Betaistina ANGENERICO Anti vertigo preparations
Ceftriaxone ANGENERICO Injectable antibacterials
Citicolina ANGENERICO Psychostimulants
Diclofenac ANGENERICO Anti-inflammatory
Disufen Anaesthetic oppioids
Domperidone ANGENERICO Procinetic agents
Doxazosina ANGENERICO Anti hypertensives
Fluoxetina ANGENERICO Antidepressants
Flunisolide ANGENERICO Glicocorticoids
Furosemide ANGENERICO Diuretics
Glimepiride ANGENERICO Antidiabetics
Lattulosio ANGENERICO Laxatives
Loperamide ANGENERICO Antipropulsives
Metoprololo ANGENERICO Beta-blockers
Nicergolina ANGENERICO Peripheral vasodilators
Nimesulide ANGENERICO Anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic agents
Piracetam ANGENERICO Psychostimulants
Ranitidina ANGENERICO Anti-ulcer agents
Sertralina ANGENERICO Antidepressants
Simvastatina ANGENERICO HMG CoA reductase inhibitor
Sotalolo ANGENERICO Beta-blockers
Sucralfato ANGENERICO Anti-ulcer agents
Tamsulosina ANGENERICO Agents for benign prostatic hypertrophy
Ticlopidina ANGENERICO Antithrombotic agents
Toicolchicoside ANGENERICO muscle relaxants
Tramadolo ANGENERICO Opioids
Verapamil ANGENERICO Selective calcium channel blockers with direct cardiac effects