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The Farmamed line includes products for disinfection, medication and prevention which are sold on the mass market through supermarkets and hypermarkets. Farmamed was launched in the mid-Eighties and was the first Italian company to position parapharmaceuticals on the mass market. Initially, the launch of Farmamed products was limited to first aid wound treatment. It has extended progressively to a wide range of parapharmaceuticals. It now includes all products which are necessary for personal care and are sold in the consumer packaged goods channels. The basic idea is to offer a broadband "world" to the consumers combining prompt availability and affordable costs - a peculiarity which distinguishes the mass market - with pharmaceutical quality and earnestness which distinguish the Angelini "world". In fact, Angelini acquired Farmamed in 2001 to further extend its portfolio of parapharmaceuticals within the wellbeing market. Today, Farmamed is Italy's leading mass market first aid brand; it is the only company which can offer a comprehensive range of parapharmaceutics in every field (medications, disinfectants, foot and skin care) in full compliance with pharmaceutical quality standards. With the valuable support of Angelini, Farmamed proposes itself as the most important partner in the field of parapharmaceuticals. Both hypermarkets and supermarkets recognize Farmamed's valuable experience, quality, and skills acquired in the pharmacy sector, as well as excellent services which the Company guarantees to its customers.

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