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Job Center

Angelini believes in teamwork, skills and expertise. Angelini has faith in the quality of its employees and their capacity to meet new challenges.

Working for Angelini means belonging to a strong business community where individual skills, abilities and expertise are valued and nurtured. Angelini seeks to attract and train, from all the sectors and countries in which the Angelini Group operates, motivated team-players who are open to innovation and have the drive necessary to attain results.

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HR Development
One of the Angelini Group’s key values is the development and growth of human resources: training is an indispensable tool for the professional growth of individual employees and the Group’s overall performance and competitive edge. In recent years, this belief has taken the form of an increased emphasis on and investment in training activities. The Angelini Group devotes a great deal of care to the induction process for new employees, through a gradual introduction to hands-on work experience combined with targeted training initiatives.
Employees can then take advantage of both technical and management training courses. The former are geared towards acquiring and improving the technical and vocational skills required for specific roles, while the latter aim at developing organisational and team-building abilities.
For some years now, the Angelini Group companies have been promoting cross-company job rotation and assignment procedures where employees temporarily transfer to other Group companies to carry out a particular task, take part in a project or acquire new skills. These practices encourage the “exchange” of personnel and knowledge between the various companies of the Angelini Group, in some cases extending to the companies operating in other countries. The promotion of these collaborative synergies amongst the various Group companies provides a significant added value for individual employees and for the Angelini Group as a whole.


Selection Process
The recruitment process begins with applications received by the Company through the job center or e-mail contact and through job fairs and open days in universities and specialised post-graduate schools. All CVs received are closely examined by the HR Development office, which then invites suitable candidates to take part in the selection process. This process uses techniques such as group interviews and various tests, practical and otherwise. These are followed by individual interviews with members of HR Management and the business area where the vacancy has arisen. The next step is a final assessment and, for successful candidates, entry into the Company.
Angelini has always paid close attention to developments in the labour market, and considers internships to be a valuable first step into the Company. These internships give students and graduates an early taste of the world of work, while the Company benefits from the opportunity to bring in gifted and motivated young workers whose knowledge, skills and potential can be assessed during the course of the experience.
Internships are therefore used very frequently by companies in the Angelini Group, and often pave the way to future employment. Other types of employment contracts offered to graduates are occupationally-based apprenticeships and work-entry contracts.


Sending your CV
In Italy: to submit your CV and take part in the selection process, you can complete the appropriate form:

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For further information or queries, or to report problems, write to:

In Spain: You can connect to the following link Bolsa de trabajo
In Portugal: You can send a CV to the following email address:

For the other companies of the Angelini Group, you can visit their websites:


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