About us

About us

Angelini manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals and health-care products. The Angelini mission is to meet costumers’ day-to-day needs with effective, reliable and high-quality pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals that are widely available and accessible. In so doing, Angelini aims to provide real and tangible support for the wellbeing of each and every consumer. This goal is expressed through a clear vision: to be consumers’ first and automatic choice in the field of health-care and every-day wellbeing.

Established in Italy in the early 20th century, Angelini has grown to become a medium-sized international group, thanks to the skills and experience built up in the Italian market. The Angelini Group operates through its own structures in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Central and Eastern Europe. The Angelini Group also has a holding in Elder Pharma, an important Indian pharmaceutical company. Angelini’s pharmaceuticals can be found in over 60 countries as a result of its network of licensees and strategic agreements with local pharmaceutical companies.

On the international level, Angelini was one of the first companies to register molecules at the European level through the Mutual Recognition Procedure, with Italy as Reference Member State. Since 2000 about 50 registrations have been lodged in 19 European countries, mainly for chemical compounds manufactured through in-house research, such as benzydamine and prulifloxacin.

Angelini has one of the highest quality and most comprehensive product ranges in the health-care market: prescription medicines, generics, over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals together with disinfectant and first-aid products, herbal and natural remedies as well as absorbent products for personal care and hygiene.

The main therapeutic areas are: pain relief, antigrip/pediatry, neuropsychiatry, oral care, gynaecology and ophtalmology.

As a result of its specialist expertise and intensive applied research activities, its efficient and closely coordinated manufacturing and distribution chain and its marketing experience, Angelini has achieved excellence in its main business areas:

  • Angelini is one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in Italy (by volume);
  • Angelini is the 18th pharmaceutical company in the Portuguese market (by volume);
  • Angelini holds 51st place in the Spanish pharmaceutical market (by volume);
  • Angelini Farmaceutica has obtained the EFQM Excellence Award for its quality management system in Spain
  • Angelini is a benchmark for OTC pharmaceuticals;
  • Angelini is Italy’s leading company, in a joint venture with Procter & Gamble, in the sector of babies’ nappies and sanitary towels.
The reputation of Angelini’s pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals is supported by its capacity to manage complex sales networks through a range of diverse channels which promote widespread distribution and high levels of customer service.
Angelini pursues its mission with knowledge and skill, a close focus on ethics, and respect for the individual, the environment and the community in which the Angelini Group operates. It is due in no small way to the values that inspire its corporate philosophy that Angelini is synonymous with guaranteed quality and safety, both to health professionals and to the general public.


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