Angelini Group

Joint venture with Procter&Gamble

Since 1992, Angelini has been partner of a joint venture with the American Procter & Gamble through the companies Fater and Fameccanica.Data.
Fater is a major company in the Italian market for absorbent personal care products, with well-known brand names such as Pampers (kids wet wipes and nappies), Lines (sanitary towels and panty-liners), Tampax (tampons), and Linidor and Dignity (incontinence products). Fameccanica.Data has achieved a leading global position in the production of machinery and technologies for the baby diaper and sanitary towel industry.

Concern for the consumer, dedication to product innovation and quality, and close attention to personal care are the cornerstones of the joint venture’s success.
The combination of Angelini’s vast and detailed knowledge of the Italian scenario together with the American multinational’s experience in world markets creates a perfect symbiosis between two business cultures that may seem very diverse but in fact share some very important values.
Angelini’s business philosophy has always combined the Company’s family tradition with a modern approach that is inspired by a readiness to delegate, the spirit of initiative, teamwork, and the drive to achieve successful results. In this sense, Angelini shares with Procter & Gamble numerous organisational qualities that produce a competitive edge at both the national and international levels. The two business cultures also share the conviction that human resources are the most important resource a company can possess, and that it is men and women who make a real difference through their skills, commitment and creativity.
The leading positions occupied by Fater and Fameccanica can be explained by their capacity for innovation, their customer focus and care, and their constant professional development. These qualities led, in 2002 and 2003, to the two Companies being top-ranked in the Italian version of the “Great Place to Work” prize which is awarded by the “Great Place to Work Institute Italia”, a leading American consultancy firm which conducts a survey each year to identify the best companies to work for.
The success of the partnership between Angelini and Procter & Gamble has, through the years, led to the development of innovative solutions that address the needs of women and of families in general, while providing added value for individuals, the community, consumers and customers.

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