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Code of Ethics and Conduct

An ethical focus is vital for the reliability of Acraf’s behaviour towards shareholders, customers, and more generally, the entire society and economic context in which the company operates. The main purpose of principles of conduct in the company’s activity is to emphasize the need for an ethical approach in every activity, to constantly apply the behavioural principles of the company and to enforce the company’s commitment for a fair and correct administration.
Understanding the importance of an ethical approach, Acraf has adopted a “Code of Ethics and Conduct” which regulates the body of rights, duties and responsibilities of the company towards the stakeholders it comes into contact with, performing its everyday activities. The document is completed with the contents of the Code of Ethics of Farmindustria which Acraf, being a member, complies with.

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General principles

Acraf adopts as an unavoidable principle the respect of current laws and regulations, and each employee must strive to observe them. This commitment must be valid for suppliers, customers and anyone who has relationships with Acraf. The company will not start or continue relations with anyone who does not intend to commit to the principle of rigorous respect for the law.
Moreover, ethics does not simply involve the need to identify what is legal in a given situation, but it also requires one to do what is morally correct when doing business without compromising on moral principles (honesty, legality, loyalty, reliability, reciprocal respect and dignity, responsibility, transparency).
Who works at Acraf must act with integrity and be frank, honest and fair in all aspects of their work, and expect the same behaviour from everyone they do business with.

The general principles refer to:
  • Development of human resources and personal integrity
  • Legality
  • Confidentiality
  • Responsability towards patients
  • Honesty and correctness
  • Responsability towards society
  • Transparency
  • Fight against corruption and conflict of interest
  • Product and service quality
  • Impartiality
  • Environmental protection
  • Equity of authority
  • Shareholder relations

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